List of products by manufacturer Bionix

Bionix ShotBlocker® is an innovative device that instantly alleviates the pain and anxiety of needle injections. ShotBlocker® works through a novel application of the gate control theory of pain management. It is a plastic, C-shaped device with small bumps on its back. When pressed firmly against the skin at the injection site, ShotBlocker® saturates the sensory nerves and distracts the patient from pain signals caused by the needle poke. The device is both simple and easy to use, bringing comfort to users of all ages.

As much as 10 percent of people have needle phobia. Up to 20 percent of people with needle phobia avoid medical treatments because of the fear. Whether it is you or your child that suffers from a fear of needles, ShotBlocker® could be the perfect opportunity for overcoming needle phobia. Research and customer reviews reveal that ShotBlocker® reduces the sensation of the needle poke for most users. Some customers do not feel it at all! If the main source of your needle phobia is the pain of the needle poke, ShotBlocker® could be the product for you.

ShotBlocker® is great for all intramuscular (administered to a muscle) or subcutaneous (administered under the skin) injections. It can be used at nearly any site on the body. Since ShotBlocker® is so straightforward, patients can use it for self-administered shots as well as those given by a medical professional. Injection types include insulin, immunizations, vaccinations (including flu shots), allergy shots, fertility injections, growth hormone and more!

Made in USA