List of products by manufacturer I-Angel

i-Angel is the creator of the original award-winning baby hipseat carrier.

Quality-control manufactured in South Korea, i-Angel has always maintained the utmost importance upon the safety and stability of the baby.  Beginning with its market entry into the Japanese market in 2009, i-Angel has undergone numerous safety and quality tests to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of the US, Europe, & Asia. 

i-Angel is researched, developed, and designed in South Korea, the birthplace of the ancient baby carrier called podaegi.  Made of cotton or hemp materials as a wrap-around blanket with straps that could carry a baby on a mother's back while she went to the market or did chores around the house, companies eagerly tried to improve upon the podaegi.  However, i-Angel realized one significant divergence these baby carriers had with the podaegi.  Although these baby carriers updated upon the materials and wear-ability, it didn't support the baby's weight and legs the same way the podaegi did.  Where the podaegi used a strap and fabric to hold the baby like a seat, supporting the bum and thigh; conversely, these baby carriers held the baby in suspension, often by the groin. 

By innovating the baby hipseat carrier, i-Angel created a four-fold benefit.  Often called the next generation baby carrier, the i-Angel baby hipseat carrier:

  1. Superior Ergonomics For The Baby: properly supports the baby's thighs to the knees preventing post-birth hip dysplasia.

  2. Superior Ergonomics For The Caregiver: almost entirely redistributes the baby's weight to the caregivers hips, our body's natural weight-bearing region, to virtually eliminate any arm, shoulder, & spinal strain.

  3. Multi-Positional Versatility: carrier can be worn on the front or back with baby facing inward or outward, detachable hipseat can be used in center, left, or right positions with a supporting arm.

  4. Multi-Functional Versatility: use as a nursing sling, as a stand-alone hipseat, & as a hipseat carrier.

Modelled after the heart-filled warm embrace of a mother for her child, i-Angel was borne from the desire to provide the best carrier for babies & parents across the world.  At i-Angel, we believe that a baby born into this world is humanity's beauty, hope, & love manifest; but also, that to hold & to cherish in our modern everyday often comes with challenges where we all could use a helping hand.  That's why, beyond the traditional baby carrier, i-Angel innovated the baby hipseat carrier that is not only more comfortable but ergonomically superior for both babies & parents.  The next-generation baby carrier has arrived!