Tortle Head Repositioning Beanie Pink Dots

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Place beanie on your baby’s head with the support roll behind baby’s ear. The beanie should fit snug. After 2-3 hours (or after feeding), reposition support roll behind baby’s other ear. Do not leave beanie on overnight when baby is unsupervised.

To Treat mild to moderate Flat Head Syndrome or Head Preference:

Place support roll over the flat spot. This will turn baby’s head to a new position and off the flattened area. To treat head preference, place support roll behind ear on favored side to gently stretch neck muscle. If not improving within 2-3 weeks, consult your physician or therapist for further assistance.

Flat spots can develop from birth to 6 months of age. It is critical your baby wear a Tortle during the entire 6 months to avoid flat spots.

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Tortle Head Repositioning Beanie Pink Dots

Tortle Head Repositioning Beanie Pink Dots

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