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The idea for creating this website is when we're having a very cute son JonathanPrice in 2008. Along with Jonathan growth we're also explore the world of baby products, and we saw many baby products that not yet available in Indonesia, thecloth diaper for example. In addition we also felt the great benefits of cloth diapers, both for the child and for the parents. And we're decided to start 1st online baby shop specialized in awards winning products in Indonesia.

Why the name Because when we look at the baby's face, theirs adorable chubby babies, makes us as parents feel very fortunate to beentrusted by Almighty. (bayitembem means chubby baby face in English). 

Now Bayitembem also sole distributor for EM'S Earmuff, Roshambo Baby, Tortle, Pumpease by Snugabell and distributor Twistshake Baby Bottle for Indonesia. 


To become a benchmark for online baby shops in Indonesia, as an online storethat gives ultimate online shipping experience by providing great customer service, good after sales, and provide a solid and useful products information. 


To become  first choice for parents when shopping online for their baby needs andable to provide the complete range of the baby products, at the best price in accordance with the product also maintain good and long term relationships with customers.