Bionix Shot Blocker

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ShotBlocker® is now available to block the pain of injections.

Unique device instantly blocks pain from minor injections without drugs or chemicals.

ShotBlocker® is a unique, patented device that makes immunizations and other minor injections, such as allergy shots or insulin, a less painful experience. It is the invention of James Huttner, M.D., Ph.D., a pediatrician and co-founder of Bionix Medical Technologies, a Toledo, Ohio based medical device company.

ShotBlocker is a simple, plastic disk that features a number of short, blunt skin contact points on its underside and has a large opening through which injections can be administered. ShotBlocker is a novel application of the gate control theory of pain management. It safely, and without side effects, blocks the pain of minor injections without the use of chemical refrigerant sprays, drug based creams or expensive, gimmicky devices. It is designed to accommodate both Intramuscular and Subcutaneous Injections.

Giving an injection with ShotBlocker is a simple process. The device is positioned over the injection site and the blunt contact points are pressed firmly against the skin. The shot is immediately administered through the central opening. After the injection the ShotBlocker is lifted from the skin and discarded or given to the patient to retain until their next injection.

“ShotBlocker is simple, safe and effective. There are no side effects and no contraindications. The effect it produces is immediate, unlike topical creams, and there are no vapors as with chemical sprays,” said Dr. Huttner. ShotBlocker will make minor injections a less painful experience for everyone from children to adults.

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