Cloud B Dreamy Hugginz Cream Bunny

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Super soft, sweet plush pals that help little ones self-soothe with easily activated lullabies.

Cloud b Hugginz Musical Plushies are compact, calming companions that lull your little one to sleep at home, during long-distance travel, or a trip across town. Much more than an ordinary stuffed animal, Hugginz Musical Plushies have a secret sound box thats easily activated by your child for melodies that mellow their mood. When baby pulls on the plush star a soothing lullaby begins to play. Perfect for activity gyms, car seats, strollers and cribs.
Irresistibly huggable and super soft
Velcro tab for easy attachment to cribs and strollers
Available in 3 characters: monkey, bear and bunny
Stands at 8" tall (perfectly portable!)
Exceeds the highest international standards for safety; safe for ages 0+
Perfect for newborns and Up
Multi-sensory Mellowing Magic:The best things in life create a positive experience in a multisensory way. Hugginz Musical Plushie does just that through soothing sounds and touch! Using soft sounds to put infants and children to sleep is as old as motherhood itself. But did you know that lullabies are actually scientifically proven to lull little ones into slumber faster and to help them sleep better? And did you know that every inch of skin has hundreds of sensory nerve endings and of all of the senses, touch is the most interconnected with healthy development? Hugginz Musical Plushie combines the power of soothing sounds with the power of super softness for a multi-sensory experience that delivers better sleep. And better sleep means better health and well-being exactly what every parent dreams of for their child! Plus, this cute companion grows with your child and will be a beloved lovie for years to come.