Jamm Door Stopper Double Pack

Baby Care - Safety Accessories

IDR 290,000.00


This doorstop is great for pets and pet owners. It is extremely difficult for a pet to remove this doorstop, so it won’t be chewed and need replacing, and it will stop your pet becoming trapped in a room away from their food and water. • When painting or working on a door this doorstop holds the door securely like an extra pair of hands, and is easy to clean.

When push and pull come to shove, this Award-winning Doorstop will stay firm, providing a solution that no other door stop can match.

Designed and Made in the UK from food-safe materials, the Door Stop is available in Pacific blue, Dusk blue, Dark grey, Cerise pink and Honey beige. It is for door gaps of 2mm – 25mm.

The Jamm doorstop is the only doorstop in the World to pass the European safety test (General Product Safety Regulation (2005)). *Department for Trade and Investment report (UK).
FACT: A closing door creates 40 tonnes of pressure – 20 times more than a Crocodile’s jaw!