Milestone Wedding Card

Toys and Gifts - Photo Card

IDR 290,000.00


The perfect gift for the newly engaged to capture and remember every step from the engagement to the 'Big Day'.

The set contains 30 cards from setting the date, choosing a dress, booking the location, deciding the menu and cake tasting to ultimately the "Today is the Big Day" card.  

  • 30 photocards in a gift box
    Including poster with all moments
    200 gr per gift box
    Printed in Belgium and China
    Material: FSC paper and Eco friendly bio inks

    US vs. UK edition:
    US includes cards: The Dapper Groomsmen, The Bachelorette Party, The Bachelor Party and My wonderful Maid of Honor.
    UK includes cards: Our ushers, The Hen Party has begun, The Stag Party has begun and My wonderful Maid of Honour.


    This set contains the following cards:
    We are getting married
    The ring
    The date is set
    Will you be my bridesmaid
    Will you be my bridesmaid
    My wonderful Maid of Honor
    Our best man
    Today I said yes to the dress
    The location is booked
    Sending out the invitations
    Deciding on the Menu
    Meeting with the florist
    Busy with our Wedding preparations
    Today we went cake tasting
    I was showered with love today
    The bachelorette had begun
    The bachelor has begun
    1 month from now
    1 week from now
    Today is our rehearsal
    The night before the wedding
    Today is the big day
    Something old, Something new…
    The beautiful bridesmaids
    The dapper groomsmen
    What I like about you …
    What I like about you …
    Let’s dance!
    Our Rings
    Just married