Upspring Baby Walking Wings Learning To Walk Assitant

Baby Care - Walking Assistant

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One Small Step For Baby, One Giant Leap For Mom And Dad with Walking Wings When your baby is first learning to walk, there are can be tumbles, tears, and even boo-boos. UpSpring’s Walking Wings learning to walk assistant helps your baby balance naturally with his hands free. He’ll take fewer tumbles, which will help to build his confidence (and yours, too!) as he takes those first steps.  Walking Wings soft, padded support vest securely fastens around baby’s chest. Straps in front and back of the vest provide stability. The straps adjust easily to your reach so you can stand upright and take the strain off your back. (Whew!) And because you’ve got better things to do than take the entire assembly on and off all day long, the straps detach from the vest easily.  Why UpSpring Walking Wings Baby Walker? 

  • Pediatrician-recommended for babies learning to walk (6+ months)
  • Reduces the number and severity of falls
  • Builds baby’s confidence and stability
  • Gives baby a sense of control and freedom
  • Reduces back strain for parents
  • 100% cotton, machine washable, and dryer safe
  • Available in gray, blue, and pink
When is it appropriate to begin using Walking Wings with my baby? Walking Wings is recommended during the two stages that progress as baby starts to balance and becomes more stable on his feet. 
  • Stage 1: 6 to 8 months. Baby starts pulling up. Baby is learning to balance hands free. Baby is grabbing onto objects for support. (This stage is also known as “Don’t leave stuff on the coffee table.”)
  • Stage 2: 8+ months. Balance and stability is improving. Baby is showing a desire to walk and explore. (This stage is sometimes called “Let’s find mom’s purse and dump it out.”)
 How do I know if the Walking Wings vest will fit my child? The Walking Wings vest fits a chest circumference of 19 – 26” (48-66 cm). Do not use if child’s chest circumference isles than 19” or more than 26”.  How do I use Walking Wings? After fastening Walking Wings on your baby, hold the handle straps securely while allowing your child to balance and move freely. Always hold the Walking Wings handles with two hands. Never support baby with one handle strap or one hand only. (You don’t want your child to walk lopsided, do you?)  What is the fabric content of Walking Wings? It’s 100% cotton, and is machine washable and dryer safe.